Chris Casserly


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Chris Casserly has a simple approach to music... make it fun. ‘If I am having a good time then chances are that those watching are as well’. With a wide range of musical styles and high level of musicianship (he has won 5 Factor Awards for performance and composition) it is ALWAYS a good time... professionally presented.

Chris’ bandmates (the Keepsakes) are superb musicians and equally fun loving. Chris has traveled the continent playing music and spent prolonged periods of time in the music Meccas of the land (Nashville, New York, L.A., New Orleans to name a few). It is a level of experience that belies his age... yet it is evident in his onstage presence. His repertoire leans towards lighter classic rock but Chris always mixes it up with more recent hits or whatever is requested as he is able to read the crowd and respond.

Chris also has had a good measure of success as an original composer. Having had his songs used in TV shows as well as contributing soundtrack work to TVO documentaries. Chris has lent his voice to several radio and TV commercials (Bud Light, Mr. Sub, Canadian Tire to name a few). He sang the theme to the Disney TV show Overruled (still airing) and continues to enjoy his jingle work.

Chris Casserly and his Keepsakes are invariably brought back to perform again at the venues they are happy to entertain at. Testament to the FUN that the audience enjoys as they take in the experience that Chris and his gang create.

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(519) 719-4076